New Hope's school "More Than Conquerors" provides an education to over 350 children in Nicaragua. But most importantly, these children are learning about a Savior who loves them so much that He gave His life for them. Our desire is to not only provide an education for these children, but to teach them that with God all things are possible! That God has a plan for THEIR lives! That they are "More Than Conquerors" through Christ Jesus!


Every school morning, children begin their day as early as 5 a.m., after a very small or no breakfast, our students who live in El Crucero area, begin making their way to More Than Conqueror's Institute. Some of these children walk a considerable distance on dusty or muddy roads (depending on the season). Others live too far away and must take the bus or ride their bicycles. Many mothers walk their little ones to school. A handful of the more fortunate children whose families have a bicycle ride on the handle bars or back seats while their fathers peddle them to school.


The majority of the children that come to More Than Conquerors' are so excited to come to school everyday! It is the bright spot in their day. It is not required in Nicaragua for children to attend school. Many children drop out before they finish because they have to work, maybe help in their home or for many other reasons. We are always encouraging our children to finish their education and to continue on to the university. We are seeing a majority of our students doing exactly that!


Knowing that having an education is one of the greatest factors in helping people to overcome poverty, New Hope "pulls out all the stops" in making a FREE education available to as many children as possible. At New Hope we believe this is not the end but, the beginning of... THE SAVING OF A GENERATION


Please agree with us in prayer for sponsors for each of our students. For $25 a month someone can sponsor a student at More Than Conquerors. This covers the educational costs of each student and allows us to continue providing a free education to all of the students at More Than Conquerors. You can click on any of the grades below to see what children are available to be sponsored. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these children! To God be the glory!