House of Hope is home to a handful of Miskito Indian children from the Rio Coco rainforest, a very remote area along the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. Some of these children come from extremely abusive homes and were near death when we received them. God has brought each of these children into our lives. Some of our children have grown up in our home since 2005, while others have newly arrived at House of Hope.


Please agree with us for co-sponsors for each of these precious children. Without your help it would be impossible for House of Hope to prove for each of these children on a daily basis. Co-sponsors of $50 a month (or any other amount) are needed to take care of the needs of each one of these children. Click below on each child to view info about that child that is currently at House of Hope. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of these children that God has put into our care. We believe that God is going to do great things through the lives of each one of these children. Who knows, maybe someday some of them will take our place and be the future staff of New Hope Children’s Foundation in Nicaragua and around the world!


What hope for food do children living in remote areas have when their parents have no job? How will they eat? Who will provide for their nutritional needs? Will they go to bed hungry only to wake up again to no food?  With the dawning of each new day, it is a challenge for many children to even find enough food to survive. It's a constant struggle! To beg, to steal, or to do whatever it takes to survive another day in Nicaragua. Into this desperate backdrop of need - New Hope Feeding Centers provide one meal each week to hundreds of children. No, that's not much. To us, one good meal a week seems like nothing, but to some of the children who haven't eaten one good meal all week, it's a lot!  Thirty-five cents a meal... that's all it takes to provide a good meal of rice, beans and something to drink for each child - just 35¢. That's hardly nothing for us, but to the poor children and families living on the edge, it seems like a fortune. Besides receiving natural food, the most important aspect of a New Hope Feeding Center is the fact that a pastor is in charge of each Feeding Center. Each time the children come to together, they receive far more than just natural food. They receive the Good News of our Savior's love from a pastor who is in charge in that Feeding Center.


What a blessing it is to minister both the "natural" and "spiritual" needs of these precious children!  At New Hope we wait, and as we wait... we pray that "someone" or a "church" or "ministry" will see the "empty table" and help New Hope supply meals each week to the children we are presently feeding and for the villages who are waiting with hungry children.  In spite of the fact New Hope has very little money available to feed children, somehow we manage to keep doing it. What do you say to pastors who have hungry children in their villages when they come to New Hope almost begging us to feed children in their village? It's so hard to say, "No." But, when you don't even have enough money to take care of your present feeding program, it's also impossible to say, "Yes"! As much as we hate to say "No," to adding additional Feeding Centers, that's exactly where we are as New Hope presently does not have the necessary funds.  Please agree with us in prayer that God will "touch someone's heart" so New Hope will have the finances to feed many more needy children. It's such a shame for even 1 child to go to bed hungry when New Hope can feed that child one meal for only 35¢. Jesus said when we provide food for the least of these little ones we are feeding Him. What an honor it is for New Hope to feed Christ through these little ones. New Hope is so blessed to be a part of the the saving of a generation.