Meet the Staff

J. David Ford
Founder/Executive Directors

Dr. Ford began ministering on radio and in revivals at the early age of five. He has spent most of his life as a student and teacher of the Word. 

Since graduating from Christ Gospel Bible Institute in 1970, Brother Ford has ministered as an evangelist, pastor, Christian school principal and Bible college professor.

Brother Ford’s ministry has taken him into all 50 states. After taking his first mission trip in 1976, he has been very active in world evangelization and has continued to travel to a host of nations on a regular basis. 

Brother Ford and his wife Rose started New Hope Children's Foundation in Nicaragua in 2003. Since then, we have seen God use them in a mighty way throughout Central America.


Brother and Sister Ford can be contacted by phone at: (731) 986-9837 or e-mailed at:


Leo & Charity Marroquín

Charity moved to Nicaragua in May of 2005 after graduating from Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, TX. Ever since she was a young child, Charity has been active in missions and has worked with her father and mother, Dr. Ford and Sister Ford, on various foreign fields.

Leonardo is from Nicaragua and had been working with New Hope Children's Foundation since 2004. Leo and Charity were married in 2006 and soon after became the on site Directors of New Hope Children's Foundation in Nicaragua.


On July 26, 2007, God blessed them with their daughter Grace Isabella. She has been a blessing to them as they work together for the Lord in Nicaragua.


Leo and Charity also live in House of Hope and are parents for the 14 miskito children that live there with them. They have the desire to raise up these children to be the future leaders of New Hope.


Leo and Charity can be reached by phone at (731) 418-4446 or by e-mailed at:


Moises & Ana Arauz

Moises Arauz began working with New Hope in 2006. Since then God has blessed him with his wife Ana and two baby boys. They both work together in New Hope. They oversee many daily activities in New Hope's school and also help in other areas of ministry. They are both a tremendous blessing to New Hope and a vital part of our staff.


Moises and Ana can be contacted by e-mail at: